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Welcome to the original and ultimate Lakoda Rayne fan site, your one stop for all the news, pictures and updates on Lakoda Rayne.

Lakoda Rayne is a group of four mega-talented girls which was formed during the X Factor auditions by Simon Cowell.

The group consists of Cari Fletcher, Dani Knights, Paige Ogle and Hayley Orrantia.

♥ Lakoda means allies, friendship and unity and Rayne is for blessings from above. ♥

This is Officially the first and original Lakoda Rayne Fan Site and it is dedicated to updating you on any news, videos and pictures of Lakoda Rayne. The goal of this site is to help Lakoda Rayne win the X Factor competion. We are not affiliated by any means to Lakoda Rayne, we are simply true Lakoda Rayne fans and we know in our hearts that they deserve to win the X Factor competion and the 5 million dollar prize. We will do whatever it takes to get Lakoda Rayne more votes. If you are a Lakoda Rayne supporter, help us support them and remember to VOTE for Lakoda Rayne!

Check back often for news & updates on Lakoda Rayne. ♥




Who is your favorite Lakoda Rayne girl?


  • Starting out as four solo artists, it was a shocker that we were going to be in the group category together but it has been an incredible experience. They’ve taken four strong solo artists and made this super group.” -Hayley Orrantia